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About us

Studio 1 project started in Florence in 1992, where the Architect Fabrizio Bacci graduated and decided to set up his own business. 

The Studio is specialized in restoration and transformation of ancient buildings, villas and industrial sites in Florence and Tuscany, having an important network of professionals working for it. Since 1995 it also developed a specific sector focused on transforming ancient building in the centre of the City in cinema multiplex, receiving important awards. 

In 2016 the Studio started a new field of action related to interior design and graphics with collaborations with the fashion world and with a customized wallpaper service for the clients.

Thanks to the professionalism acquired in different fields the studio collaborates with the Court and the Court of Appeal of Florence.

Studio 1 pursue the following activities: 

- Architectural Design

- Landscaping

- Urban Planning

- Interior Design

- Structural Engineering

- Graphic Design

- Supervision of the Construction

- Surveys


2017, Architetture Toscane 2015-2017

2012, Light in Santo Spirito

2007, Architetture Pisane, n. 14/2007: ‘Supercinema’

2001, Sorrento Award: best multiplex of the year

2001, Multisala International: ‘Variety: a new star in the Florence sky’

2000, Multisala International: ‘Si riaccende il cinema Fulgor’​

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